ruthless compassion (aroraborealis) wrote,
ruthless compassion

The folks arrived on schedule yesterday. I met their bus at the terminal and didn't get ripped off by the taxi driver while negotiating our ride back to the casa. Go me!

There was a baby shower at the casa shortly after we got back, which I hadn't known about ahead of time, but it was combined with a going away party for a student who's leaving this week, and a welcome party for my parents, and some of my favorite teachers were there -- it was very nice. I think it was a little overwhelming for mom and dad, who not only had a bunch of new faces and names to remember, but also the Spanish challenge, as most of the chatter was in Spanish. I did my best to translate.

Today, we went to the monthly market up in the Parque Central, which was nice. I bought a bunch of stuff, and I think that I have now discharged all of my obligations in terms of buying things from particular vendors *phew*

Then we had lunch with Jet and Claudia, and now we're doing the high-tech thing. Tomorrow begins my last week of classes! It's gonna be sad to leave the school, definitely. I've gotten pretty close with a lot of the teachers, and I think I'm more a part of the workings of the school than the average student, between my friendships with teachers, and my translations and such.

Planning travel is both exciting and annoying, as the two things I want to do before Dan gets here on the 18th are kinda far apart and inconvenient to get to one from the other. Rats. Stunning natural pools and caves, or remarkable Mayan ruins? Decisions, decisions.

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