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God Sauce

When I think of Rick, I think of his deep, resonant voice, and his big belly laugh that invited you to join. I think of how sweet and loving he was with his son Gabe and other little kids. I think of how he would listen carefully to what people would say, mulling it over, never simply taking their words at face value. I think of how little patience he had for bullshit, including his own. I think of how hard he worked, and how much he dedicated to making a better life for his family.

Rick had a wonderful turn of phrase, an ability to shine a light on a conversation or way of thinking that could always make you laugh and think at the same time. One of his phrases that I still use is "God sauce" to apply to anything religious-y. Reiki? God sauce. Bible? God sauce. Magical thinking? God sauce. I can see him holding his hand over an imaginary platter as though pouring out from a ladle.

Rick died unexpectedly in October, leaving his amazing and loving wife and son, and so very many people who loved him. He was one of those people who filled a room in a wonderful way, cracked jokes, listened thoughtfully, was generous and loving and kind. He was one of those people who can leave a him-shaped hole in your heart, even if he wasn't part of your day-to-day. I do and will miss him so so much.

God sauce, just pour it all over everything.
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