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Spanish is fun! I'm sure I'll be able to find ways to practice in Boston and elsewhere, but, BOY am I going to miss Guatemala and the school and community here. I have a fantasy that I'll get hired for a job where Spanish is required and I'll get my company to pay for a couple more months of classes with my favorite teacher, who's moving to San Francisco in January.

I translated my second-to-last conference today, which was given by my first instructor at the school, and was a repeat of my very first conference here, too. It was a nice little full-circle moment for me. I need to remember tomorrow to talk to Gabe, the new coordinator at the school, about him learning the music on guitar for the song I want to sing at my graduation on Friday.

Had class at Claudia and Jet's apartment today, where we ate cake, had hot chocolate, and generally enjoyed ourselves greatly. This followed a somewhat weird visit to the post office, where I went to inquire about a package which they are apparently holding for me in Guate. As I don't want to go all the way to Guate to pick it up, I asked if they could finish sending it to me here, and they told me that they can do that but it'll take a while, and maybe I want to go to Guate? I told them no, thanks, please finish sending it to me, so, with luck, that will work and I'll get a package soon! (Thanks to pancua from whom I believe it's coming.)

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