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Puerto Morelos continues to be delightful. I've fallen into a rhythm of chillaxing during the day and then venturing into town in the evening, for the most part, though the last couple of days, I've visited town (about a mile away) during the day AND the evening.

Today, I geared up and ventured in to catch a boat ride and snorkel tour of the nearby reef, which was just great. It was a totally lively and beautiful reef ecosystem, with (among others) multiple sightings of barracuda and trumpetfish and of course all the other little colorful tinies you see in a thriving reef setting.

I lucked into a small, inexpensive operation, where they also gave me the Mexican price for the tour, since I speak Spanish. I had my doubts about this (everyone always promises a good price, after all), but the other folks on the boat mentioned what they'd paid, and it was, in fact, a bit more than my price (but not so much that I felt incensed on their behalf). Then it turned out I was the only client who spoke Spanish, and the tour guides had pretty rudimentary English, so I got to play translator, which I always enjoy, so I think everyone won. I'm thinking about going out again tomorrow, because, well, it's not normally every day that you get to splash around a gorgeous reef, after all.

Now, I'm just waiting for the sun to get a little lower before I dive back into the water here at the B&B. MOAR splashing!

The vast majority of my time here is in motion in some way or another: hammock, bed suspended by ropes, swimming, boating, walking, biking, taxiing ... so I'm slightly discombobulated those rare times when I'm sitting in a chair that rests on the ground. I think that means everything is just the way it should be.
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