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24 November 2016 @ 11:22 pm
Because one day of Thanksgiving isn't enough (3 of 7)  
I am thankful for activists. I'm so goddamn thankful that there are people who push the edges further, to make our society and institutions more supportive of humanity, life, the planet, compassion, sustainability ...

People are fond of saying that the arc of history bends toward justice, like that's something that magically just happens, as if people are just good without having to struggle with difficult choices and dangerous endeavors. The arc of history bends toward justice because individual humans decide to work together to pull it that way against the insular fear and tribalism that competition for resources and petty little minds so easily foment.

I'm thankful for the people who came before me who pulled that arc toward them a little bit farther, and for the people today who continue to put their weight into that effort. The world is better for that kind of work.
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Martha: goldsworthy42itous on November 25th, 2016 02:38 pm (UTC)
Elizabeth Hunterlillibet on November 25th, 2016 05:48 pm (UTC)
It's kind of like when people in the theatre reassure each other that it really will all come together with the quote from Shakespeare in Love: "It's a kind of magic." I mean, it is magical, but that magic usually consists of a few people working their butts off late at night behind the scenes in order to fix things.