Because one day of Thanksgiving isn't enough (2 of 7)

I've been grateful almost every day this year for my newfound meditation practice. It's hard to describe what a difference it's making, because so much of it is inside me and kind of amounts to, "Well, I just FEEL different from how I did before." But it's true. It's been like hitting the gas on my personal development, helping me be kinder, more thoughtful, more gentle, while also holding myself to a standard that I'm raising a little bit each day.

Daily meditation helped me through the dark days of last winter, and have given me a powerful light to shine on my internal world and values, to be able to deepen my sense of myself and where I'm coming from, while also loosening the grip I have on that sense.

I have a lot of that convert's zeal about it, but every day it's a gift I give myself, and it's one that's making my world better each time.


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