ruthless compassion (aroraborealis) wrote,
ruthless compassion

*phew* This is the home stretch, and it's just weird. It's really hard to be here fully, knowing that in a week, I'll be back in the US. But I really want to fully enjoy my last days here, and get good time with the fam, and with my friends, and, and, and...

As usual, it's really lovely to be back in Xela, my home base, where I know a lot of people, and everyone's excited to see me and catch up when I get here. It's chilly here, but not as cold as it could be, and last night, lots of fireworks heralded the approach of xmas. Dan and Dad went with Claudia to the fireworks vendor last night, and, I think, plan to make another stop there today. Should be fun, as long as no one blows a finger off!

As for dim sum: Wednesday, December 31, 12 noon, China Pearl in Chinatown, Boston. I suspect I will be Ting in, so if folks want to meet at Park Street, above ground between the two main entrances on the Common, at 11:45, I'll be there, I hope :)

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