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We have some soap

I'm thinking that the 50ish pounds of soap Jack and I made yesterday, with Liz's help, may be enough to tide us over for a while. It sounds like we'll do another soaping day in the next couple of months :> But first, candling! Whee :)

I've been having funny dreams again. Last night, it was that I was with Kristin and Josh, meeting up near Cleveland Circle while skiing (?) and they showed up with my high school friend, Chris F., who I didn't recognize, in part because he was approximately 10 feet tall. That's really quite tall, for those who are keeping track. The night before, I dreamed that Aubrey started talking with a British accent and in full sentences. And I figured it made sense since she had two older siblings. *scratching head*

Now off to ebay for some beeswax for candles. And wicks.


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