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I started my Arisia weekend on Thursday when penk went in to get Congo set up. I had a very nice late lunch with ai in Chinatown, despite the absolutely frigid walk. Yes, I am reminded that below zero temperatures are, indeed, Quite Cold. Especially when it's windy. I wanted to check into our room on the early side just to have it out of the way, but joelll, the hotel liason was not around to talk to until late, so no go on that.

fraterrisus's car got towed in the process of the unload, etc, and I needed to move ghislaine and agaran's van, which was used to cart the Congo terminals into town, so we combined those errands in a rather amusing tour of the South End. But, eventually we managed to get his truck and move it to its predetermined parking space, and the cost of his town and storage was less than the ticket the van got!

Then there was some rather annoying hassle with the room, which was primarily stressful because I feel strongly about being in a room relatively near the party I cohost, and if I weren't in that room, likely it would end up being for someone not associated with the party, and that would be a problem, but eventually, it all got sorted out.

I hung out to be available to help the reg folks until around 10, and then went to bed and watched my first TV since my return from Guatemala. All I can say is that ads get weirder and weirder. And, wow, do we have a hell of a lot of stuff that we don't need.

I went to sleep around midnight or so, and woke up early early friday to do the party grocery shopping, which was pretty easy because the catering folks at Shaw's offered to deliver my groceries when they delivered the party platters, and because catya and I had done a bunch of shopping at BJs beforehand. And then I had lunch with dbang at the restaurant formerly known as Poppa & Goose. Nummy!

The party itself went very well. I wasn't very much in party space on Friday night, and spent most of the time worrying about the food room and other hostly things. Fortunately, I mellowed out for Saturday and Sunday, and ended up having a really lovely time the rest of the weekend. I bought myself a pair of earrings after which I've been lusting for some time, as most of my jewelry is in storage and I haven't gotten to wear earrings for a while, since the Guatemala guidebooks recommended against jewelry. I did a quick run-through of the art show, and I wish I'd gone back to do a more thorough peruse, but it is, perhaps, just as well that I didn't, as I hardly need to buy art these days.

I returned to Homeport late late Sunday night, spent most of Monday in a mildly vegetative space, slept extremely well last night and am now feeling mostly human. Excellent.

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