ruthless compassion (aroraborealis) wrote,
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I got a box of beautiful skirts made of Guatemalan fabrics today! (Thanks, mom!) (These are fabrics I bought in San Francisco El Alto on the last market day while I was there, and then had copies of a couple of skirts made with them.) *bounce* Now I want to go dancing!

I think I have sorted out all the stuff having to do with my retirement account rollover (a few months late, but not too late to make it happen), so I can stop worrying about that. Yay!

I've made a bunch of phone calls and other stuff I've put off. I feel so productive.

I'm so excited about a few silver hairs springing out around my temples! I was hoping mine would come in in a streak like my mom's, but coming in at the temples like my dad's would be okay.

I leave for a week in Philadelphia starting tomorrow. If you're in Philadelphia, and we haven't at least talked about making plans, and you want to, let me know.

I will be in the San Francisco area February 7 (well, really late that day, so really, start counting on Feb 8) - March 1. If you want to make plans, let me know.

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