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Okay, in all seriousness, this idea of gender being the deepest part of someone's humanity is striking me really oddly. Maybe I just didn't do enough gender studies or something, but this concept isn't actually one I've run into before. So:

The quote I'm working from is this: "...the deepest part of their humanity, expressed in their maleness or femaleness..." (Glen Stanton)

Mostly this is interesting to me because when I think of the concept of an individual's humanity, I tend to think of it as being BEYOND, or under sex or gender. Is that weird? Have I been missing a vast body of philosophy that puts male/female first and human second? Probably. And, all in all, I think it's likely just as well.

But it does have me thinking about how I conceive myself (and, by extension, other people). And I think I see it this way, working from foundation to superficie:

Living, breathing, blood & bone thing -->
Human/Person -->
Smart/Thinking -->
Female -->
White -->
Atheistic/Jewish/Agnostic -->
Queer -->
Adult -->

But I'm not sure about all that, and I'll have to think about how it all maps out a bit more. And I'm sure I'm missing some categories. I think I want a 3D model to get really complex :)

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