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My Free Will Astrology forecast for this week:

In Norway, women comprise 40 percent of the government, and state-owned businesses are required to have at least 40 percent of their board seats filled by women. Private companies will have to meet this standard by 2005. In contrast, 14 percent of both the U.S. and Canadian governments is female, while American and Canadian women hold 13 percent of their countries' corporate board seats. The comparable figures for Australia: 25 percent of the government is female and 11 percent of the corporate boards. If you're thinking what I am, Leo, the governments and corporations of our countries desperately need a makeover. I nominate your tribe to lead the charge in the coming months. The astrological omens suggest that whatever gender you are, you will have an enhanced ability to promote females and feminine values in any sphere where you have influence. Start immediately, and be ingeniously relentless.

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