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While I was in Philadelphia, I stayed with a couple of very close college friends. It was great to see them.

I often think about my life as having two or three really excellent circles of friends, right now, mostly defined as my queer friends and my straight friends (my terms), and primarily, the queer friends (who are not all queer, but run in a circle filled with people off-the-beaten-track) are folks I met after college, and the straight friends (not all straight, but primarily fairly mainstream folks) are mostly college friends. And I have different names in each group.

What got me thinking about this is that KCD calls me "Roser", which is a nickname that branches back to high schoo, but that some of my college friends picked up at some point. I haven't been called "Roser" in casual conversation in ages, and it was interesting to me how good it felt to link back to that.

I've also been thinking about names because of my time in Guatemala. I'd been very excited about going to a Spanish speaking country (for many reasons, really, but...) because FINALLY my name would be pronounced "right" -- that is, with a rolled "r" and a hissy "s" rather than a throaty "r" and a buzzy z-sounding "s" as it's mostly pronounced in the states. Of course, it turned out that in Guatemala, almost everyone called me "Rosita", which grew on me, except when it was a stranger trying to force intimacy.

Some people from my early years, and one person from Guatemala, can get away with calling me "Rose". Fewer, but still some, people can call me "Rosie" without my prickling.

In my current social set, I'm mostly "Rosa", but also, these days, "Woza" (with various spellings), and occassionally "Roar" or "Rora" (due to my online nick(s)).

The "unusual" (ie, not "Rose" or "Rosie")nicknames that have stuck, and that people use for me in person on a regular basis, so far ("Roser" and "Woza") are interesting because they're mispronunciations of my name, and that's how they developed (amusing situations of mispronunciation). I've never had a nickname based on a personality trait or quirk or the like, at least that I can think of right now.

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