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Tuesday, I went to Maine to visit with the lovely and charming razil and blivious before their move to the dreaded Texas. razil and I went to the museum and saw really cool photos by Eliot Porter, one of the early photographers to use color. It was a fabulous display -- lots of really lovey and interesting nature photography, and also some discussion of the politics of moving to color photography as art, etc. Apparently, there was some big fuss about color photography being too realistic to be "art" and for the first however many years of his time using color film, Porter was kinda shunned by the high art photography world, including Ansel Adams and his crew.

Anywho, that all got me thinking about how resistent to change most people are. Color photography, same sex marriage, racial equality. It's an interesting thing that bears more thought on my part.

After the museum, we went to the crack store. Er. The yarn store. Zach has requested a hat in blue and black, so I was looking for a nice bulky yarn for that, but they didn't have what I was looking for in the right colors, so that was a no go. I did find a really nice color set ball of sock yarn, so... socks! Woohoo! I'm excited to get knitting again, and knitting more interesting things to knit than the scarves I did in Guate.

Then we went to the bookstore. I resisted buying anything, because I'm really trying hard not to accumulate stuff while homeless, but I was deeply tempted by: Keeping Watch by Laurie R King, one of my favorite authors, and... damn... can't remember the other one. So much for making a note of it for future reference.

And then we had delicious sushi for dinner! Mmmm. Sushi! Followed by interesting drinks: Brazen Hussy and Kamikaze 2. Not too bad.

Then, we all went to bed, but, since I'd had drinks, I wasn't able to fall asleep for a while (I can't sleep while over a certain level of tipsy). Finally headed toward sleep around midnight, and at 12:15, was startled to hear a small waterfall open up from the ceiling. Apparently, they have a leak. After finding a bucket to put under it, I tried again to go to sleep, only to be awakened by my phone ringing at 12:50! We all know the adrenaline rush that comes from those middle-of-the-night calls, no? Happily, nothing drastic had happened. It was Jet, my Dutch friend who just moved to San Francisco with her partner from Guatemala, and she had forgotten there are time zones in the US. Okay, good excuse, and we had a good chat. At about 1:30, we hung up and I finally fell asleep. At 6 or so, my phone rang AGAIN! Again with the adrenaline rush. Again, no one had died, but it was a friend calling with personal upset, which is always a good reason for someone to call me in the middle of the night, but I like it more if I only get one per night.

So, yesterday, I was tired. But razil and I made yummy lemon blueberry scones! I've been wanting to try making scones for ages, and they were way easier than I'd been led to believe. Exciting! I've also been totally in the mood to bake recently, so that made me happy. (If anyone has good baking recipes to suggest, go for it! I have two days with very little planned and I want to bake bake bake!)

Had dinner with minemi, went to bed late. Am now groggy, but relaxed. Woo.

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