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SF and come-on

Yesterday, I took the train up to San Francisco to get together with my friends Claudia and Jet. Claudia was a teacher at my Spanish school in Xela, and while I was there, Jet, who's from Holland, was the coordinator. They've moved to SF as a staging point for the next step, whatever that may be, and they're hoping to earn money for travel and other fun stuff. Claudia's trying to set up teaching Spanish (so anyone in the area who wants to learn or work on your Spanish, let me know and I'll get you in touch with her).

We wandered around the Mission, dropped in some thrift shops, and generally caught up -- a really nice day. I ended up staying in town until after 8, which was later than I'd expected. Claudia made rellenitos for dessert! Yum.

They walked me to the subway, and I finally got back to the place where I catch the caltrain back to Mtn View, only to find that I'd missed the most recent train by 7 minutes, at the time of night when they only run once an hour. Darnit! Fortunately, I had a good book.

While I was waiting, a fellow standing nearby and listening to his music on headphones stopped to ask if his music was bothering me -- he did have the music up loud enough that I could hear the beat, but it didn't bother me, so I told him it was no problem. He went back to his music, and I went back to my book. A couple minutes later, he complimented me on my hat (for those who know it, it's the black fleece one with stars and planets and glitter around the rim). That was the lead-in to the smoothest come-on I've ever gotten from a stranger on the streets.

We started talking about hats and he commented that he wanted a wild hat like mine but really long. I said I had one that I use for skiing. Oh, isn't that funny, he's just getting ready to take a ski vacation in a couple of weeks. He's just got to arrange things and tell his clients. So now I know that we have in common skiing and wild hats, and that he has clients to whom he's important enough that a week away requires them being notified.

Then he tells me that he's just started training professional athletes, and he's really enjoying the new challenge of that. He's a personal trainer at a few gyms in the bay area, and he likes the variety. He also trains at the Four Seasons. Mostly his clients are really great, but sometimes the folks at the Four Seasons are a little bourgeois. He really loves what he does, though, and he likes that he gets a lot of variety. The gym in asked him to work there exclusively, but he didn't want to tie himself down. So now I know that he's a personal trainer who loves what he does and is good enough at it that he has a lot of options, and is branching out to work with different categories of people looking for training. Also, he can use words like "bourgeois" in a sentence and to set himself apart from that potential perception.

Next, he talks about his grandmother and how she always warned him about money being addictive. So he sometimes has to step back and pinch himself when he realizes that he's making a lot of money doing exactly what he wants to do. (It was at this point that I realized this whole thing was a come-on, not just a let's-kill-time-while-waiting-for-the-train conversation.) And it's so weird that sometimes he almost doesn't want to take payment from his clients because he enjoys his work so much! Now I know that he's got family whose advice is important to him, and that he's got money but that's not the most important thing to him.

He tells me all about his work and how he's branching out on his own, and he's just gotten a small business loan to do that. He's doing what he's always wanted to do, and he doesn't see anything on the horizon to stop him. Rah!

Then, he swtiches tracks to tell me, "But, you know, I'm from Texas..." where he came to appreciate "voluptuous" women. And he may work with all these hotties, women who want to be all buff and muscled, or really skinny, and if that's what they want to be, he can help them get there, but that's not what he, personally, is into. And since he's a single guy, his clients often ask him if he'd like to go get a drink or something, but he's just not interested. He really likes people who are comfortable with themselves, and that's what he looks for. So now I know that although he works with lots of buff people, he wants me to be clear that he IS hitting on me, and that he really means it even if I don't look like I've ever talked to a personal trainer before in my life, AND he's single.

That was more or less the end of his shpiel. We chatted a bit more about this and that. He asked about my book, told me about the last book he read, asked what I do. I explained about my time in Guatemala, and he bemoaned the fact of not meeting me earlier, offered to show me around SF sometime. More chatting, and then he says something along the lines of, "Well, I don't want to keep you from your book, but if you ever want to get together for lunch or something, let me give you my card and you can give me a call." This is nice because it's a no-pressure kind of thing. I can take his card and call or not. I don't have to decide on the spot whether or not to give him my real number.

And I wish you all could see this card, because it's unlike any other business card I've seen. But you can get a sense from his website. And as we're wrapping up, he tells me that he also does music, and here's his music label, and I can look for him on amazon or cdbaby. Huh!

So, all in all, it was a realy entertaining wait for the train. It was a great come-on, with no pressure, and a really impressively organized resume of information on his part. So the question now is whether or not I call him for lunch. I'm pretty sure that it couldn't go anywhere -- he's got a big mention of God on his website and I've got this whole queery poly thing going on, which probably isn't so much his thing -- but I almost feel a responsability to encourage that kind of impressive pick-up attempt!
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