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I've been going through one of my normal vivid dream cycles. I tend to Have lots of vivid dreams all clumped together for a week or two, and then a week or two of not remembering my dreams, etc.

The night before last, I had a dream about one of my Guatemala friends moving out of the hostel, but instead of just packing her back and taking the bus to the city, it was this huge ordeal of moving furniture down a big staircase with a banister, and a whole moving truck and lots of hassle. I think this one had something to do with my uprooted status at the moment.

Last night, though, I dreamed I was on a journey with lots of stop-offs in various places. I started out on a college campus -- very green with lots of buildings and fields, and hills all around. I walked and flew up a tall mountain and found an old miner's cabin, and when I knocked on the door, there was a man there, and he offered me a drink. He had big cafeteria-like tables lined up in rows with benches along them, but I was the only person there. The view out the window was amazing -- a valley far far below, but I couldn't see the valley floor because there were clouds about midway down. Everything was green and lush.

When I sat at the table, I found that the bench was so much too low for me that my eyes were table height, even though the table was normal height, and the benches didn't seem unusually low before I sat down. I had a drink of some special variety of tea, and I asked the man if he thought that the people in our dreams are real. He said that, yes, they are real, and the ones who aren't real are representative of something else that is real. He said some other things that I knew I wouldn't remember, and I wished, in the dream, that I had some paper to write the rest of what he said so I'd remember it when the dream ended.

When I finished my tea, he was gone, maybe behind a folding paper screen that appeared on the other side of the room. I jumped off the rocks next to the house and flew up up and up until I could see everything blanketed by clouds, with the peaks of mountains poking out here and there. Then I flew back down to the school campus, where I joined a school group that I was, apparently, supposed to be a part of. People were playing with parachutes and horses, like in grade school gym class, but I found it boring, so I went flying again.

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