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I've had a chance to do a bunch of browsing of bookstores this week. I'm not, however, currently buying books, so I just wrote down the books and authors I want to remember to check out of the library in the near future. I don't yet know if any of these are any good :) Recommendations or comments are always welcome.


Berg, Carol
Douglass, Sara
Farrell, SL
Flewelling, Lynn
Klasky, Mindy L.
Miéville, China
Siegel, Jan
Stewart, Mary
Waters, Sarah
Weiner, Jennifer
Williams, Liz
Winterson, Jeanette


Ethical Shopping

A Walk in the Woods - Bill Bryson

La Novia Oscura - Laura Restrepo
El Canto del Agua - Nelly Rosario

The Difference between You and Me - DeMarco
The last Samurai - DeWitt
A Quiet Storm - Hall
How to Breathe Underwater - Orringer
The Only Good Thing Anyone Has Ever Done - Newman
Gardens in the Dunes - Silko
Juniper, Gentian & Rosemary - Dean

Sorcery Rising - Jude Fisher
She - H. Rider Haggard
Into the Forest - Jean Hegland
Across he Nightengale Floor - Lian Hearn
Tathea - Perry
Passage - Willis

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