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Houston, TX

We have arrived! It was a long drive, as expected, made somewhat longer by the aforementioned encounter with a guardrail and then an extra day in Ann Arbor for repairs, which necessitated skipping Chicago and Kansas City, which was sad mainly in that it meant we missed seeing some folks we really would have liked to see...

But we made it to the wedding in Tulsa on Saturday, which was very nice. I haven't seen Cathy in ages, and I hadn't been sure I'd be able to make it to this wedding, and I'm really thrilled that I did. The ceremony was pretty Jesusy for my tastes, but the reception was great fun. I was tired, so we didn't last terribly late, but enjoyed ourselves nonetheless. I skipped the catching of the bouquet activity, but no one ended up with a black eye in the process of that, and the bride and groom did NOT smash cake into each others' faces, so everyone gets good wedding behavior points on those things.

And now we're in Houston! I didn't get a huge impression of it last night because I had that I've-been-in-the-car-too-long drunk feeling, but I presume that razil and I will be exploring over the next few days. snowy_owlet, are we making dim sum plans? Other plans? I'm not on eudaimonia's reading list, so you should also mention this to her.

Liz and I have exciting plans along the lines of:

* get the rest of the car repairs done
* make fudge
* make marshmallows (if we can find a recipe)
* try new mixed drinks
* find good beer in Houston
* maybe drive down to the ocean one day if we recover enough to want to spend more than a few minutes at a stretch in the car
* museums and other explore Houstony sorts of things

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