ruthless compassion (aroraborealis) wrote,
ruthless compassion


Today, razil and I went to the Bayou City Art Festival, which was really neat. Lots of spiffy art, including some that I now really want to have, especially from this guy. Spending time with razil and blivious makes me appreciate the value of a well-decorated home, and it's got me thinking. My thinking can't get too far at the moment since I have neither a home to decorate nor the money to buy decorations for my nonexistent home, but it's interesting stuff to ponder.

Also, I would love to learn wordworking and glassblowing. More examples of things for which having time and money are important. I'll stick to knitting and soapmaking for now, but sometime in the future... look out!

[EDIT: Er. Make that WOODworking.]

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