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Well, that was fun!

razil, blivious and I had a very nummy breakfast of biscuits (made with the whey from our cream cheese. If anyone has other ideas about what to do with whey, please share), bacon and eggs, and some lounging and general weekend-morning laziness before heading out to Spring for my very first multi-person LJ-meetup.

We were to meet txbelladonna, snowy_owlet and eudaimonia for tea at what looks like it was once a very charming little tearoom. Unfortunately, the tea room was being packed into a moving truck and they were no serving delicious, fluffy scones, the jerks. So we continued from there to the other tearoom in town, which, no doubt, sucks, because it was closed on the weekend, and why would they be closed on weekends if they had anything good to serve? So it's just as well we missed it.

By that time, however, poor txbelladonna was threatening to gnaw off someone's arm, so we ducked into the next restaurant we passed, which had some tasty desserts, bad sprite, and no milk. The menu options didn't matter so much as the company, which turned out to be quite engaging. And now I can read their ljs with the proper accents in my head! Not having this ability had been keeping me up nights. No, really.

Okay, maybe not.

Annnyway. We then wandered around Ye Olde Towne Springe, which was, um, kinda kitchy, but still fun. I bought a new eye pillow (hurray!) to replace the one I've desperately been missing since I lost it last August. (August! How have I gone so long without it, you ask? I've been busy. What can I say?)

We also went to a hat store. Now, I'm not really a hat person, in the sense that, although I like hats, I just don't wear them all that often. I was tempted by three or four hats at this place, though, which would be a good start in expanding my hat options, which might help me to wear them more frequently, since, really, I think I only own 4 hats: one for skiing, one for other winter activities, and two of those nifty twisty-foldy sun hats which are nice but fit me funny. Unfortunately, I have no money for fun hats, and, even if I did, I have no place to keep fun hats. So I'll have to hold off on becoming a hat person for a bit longer. Too bad no one had a camera, though.

The afternoon flew, and razil and I didn't leave Ye Olde Kitche until 5:30. It was great fun. *sproing*

There's a certain level of "uh oh" that I always have when meeting people in person who I only know through some online context. I've never had it go disastrously wrong, and the only time it's ever been really uncomfy it's been in the context of, "hey, maybe we'll hit it off for a r'ship," so I don't have a history on which to base any nerves, but even so... There's always a bit of, "so what if this is awkward and weird?" before meeting. And then, at the end of the day, after it goes, as snowy_owlet said, "swimmingly," I wonder why I ever worried. I love that :)

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