ruthless compassion (aroraborealis) wrote,
ruthless compassion

things that have peeved me

* the stance that long hair is always better than short on everyone, or, even worse, that it's always better but just on women
* commercials on the radio that involve car-honking sounds or siren sounds (I usually listen to the radio in the car)
* people smacking their food while they eat
* greed and greedy people
* bossy people, pushy people, and people who don't respect the lines I draw
* people who yell things out the window of their car to pedestrians
* sunny days when I'm in the mood for rain
* good books whose sequel won't come out for a year (or more)
* loud, obnoxious people, people who don't consider the people around them in public
* hyprocritical behavior at all levels
* unfounded attitudes of superiority
* closed-mindedness
* blind faith
* interrupters
* making plans with a friend who doesn't show and doesn't call

This is obviously far from exhaustive, but now I feel better. What are some of your peeves?

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