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perfect day!

I couldn't have asked for a better day today.

I slept fairly late, as I've been doing a lot recently -- it's kinda nice not to have to get up for anything, although that can't last. I saw folks off to a party I'd decided to skip in favor of a more low-key day. As I was gathering up my dancing clothes, dbang called to ask if I wanted a ride to the mosaic crafty day, which I did, so she picked me up on her way.

I got a good couple of inches done on my latest sock, which is very nice, if I do say so, myself, and got to catch up with some of my favorite mosaic folks. Easter eggs and sugar cookies were made, as well as a glittery mess, and generally mellow, nice socializing was had by all.

After that, dbang and I headed into town for dinner and dancing. We thought to have Thai, but then the tapas place right next to the Thai restaurant had tables free, so we did that, instead. Mmmm, tapas. Why don't I do that more often? So yummy! We had a tasty dinner with lots of variety and very elegant feel for about as much as we'd've paid for Thai. Go, us! Incidentally, I need to learn to cook some of those dishes. Especially the mushrooms in cream sauce. Nummers.

Then we swang (cough) over to the Swingtime saturday swing dance. We got a lesson in the hussle at the beginning, and a silly hussle line dance, and then we did a bunch of dancing. dbang is an excellent leader, so dancing with her is nearly effortless -- I just follow along! And I danced with a couple of strangers, too, including another great leader, Polly, who was very complimentary about my dancing, which felt good.

I love dancing. Why don't I do it more? I think I've yet to find a dance I don't like. My least favorite is club dancing where there's not much in the way of structure, but even that is fun and energizing and joyous (dbang told me that dancing is correlated with the highest levels of joy in people -- it's something that can actually make someone happy -- I feel that every time I dance), but... contra dancing, swing, and even the short lesson I had in salsa and merengue. I hereby resolve to go dancing at least twice a month through the summer.

And, once I'm more settled, I'm taking dance classes of some sort. And probably voice lessons, too. Oh, yes.

Of course, that means deciding what KIND of dance. Hmmm.

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