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What is it about hair?

I've been thinking about cutting mine for, oh, probably about a year, now -- at first, I decided not to on the theory that having long hair in Guatemala might be a nice way to have a cultural connection, but since I wasn't in a household with a bunch of women with long hair (and, in fact, most women in the cities have more modern 'dos), that turned out not to be the case. Fortunately, there were other benefits to having long hair (primarily that it doesn't require such frequent washings, and is pretty easy to braid and put away) so that was okay.

But now summer approaches, which is the only time of year that it makes sense to cut long hair (why cut it in the fall or winter, thereby missing the benefit of not having lots of warm hair during the hot summer but losing the benefit of having it in the cold?), so I'm back to thinking about it.

On one hand, I've been changing so much in my life recently, why not my hair? It would be fun to do something a little different with it (or a lot different) and a cut is a good way to do it. Any shaping would require cutting a lot because shaping hair that's nearly waist-length doesn't really have much impact, so I'd say it would have to get cut to mid-back, at least, to have an interesting cut do any good, and if I'm gonna do that, why not just take the plunge and go all the way to short? And I have a couple of friends who've recently(ish) gone from long(ish) to short hair, and hearing them talk about it makes me want to try it, too! It's been AGES since I had really short hair, and it might be fun, and would certainly be less work (if I went really short, that is. I think midlength hair is more work than either short or long, and harder to get out of the way, too.)

On the other hand, long hair is an investment of time, and I'm not sure I'm ready to start anew. I certainly need a trim, at least, but going all the way back to short would be a major shift. And I've gotten lots of nice comments on it recently. And long hair IS fun, although I think I don't really take advantage of that and mostly don't do much fun stuff with it. And probably if I'm not sure, I should wait, since I can cut it anytime, but growing it back will take a while. I'm not sure it's ever been as long as it is now (although if not, it's been close), and part of me wonders how long it would get if I let it keep going.

But on the last hand, why is it such a big deal, anyway? I mean, it's not like it's the end of the world to cut off a couple of feet of hair or not to cut it off. I mean, I should just get over it already. This is obviously consuming way too much of my brainpower.

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