ruthless compassion (aroraborealis) wrote,
ruthless compassion

I'm in RI, visiting Kim and Rick and Gabe -- it's been a nice visit, if quite rainy! I iss having them asa more day-to-day presence in my life, and it's been a long time since I got to see them, so this has been a fabulous visit.

I was talking with Kim about my immediate-future plans, and we were also talking about my Spanish level. I realized, and explained to her, that now would probably be the perfect time, in ters of my language aquisition, for me to do another month of immersion. When you do immersion, your brain kinda gets full, and a lot of people have talked about how after LEAVING an immersion situation, they keep learning/absorbing lessons as their brains kinda relax. I definitely feel like I've done that -- when I speak to Claudia on the phone, I have to think a lot less about what verb tense I'm using and whether it's correct. So I think I've internalized a lot in the time since I got back from Guate.

And, interestingly, I realized that there may be space in my life for a 3 week to month-long trip down south in May. Am I crazy? Tickets are cheap -- this could be fun!

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