ruthless compassion (aroraborealis) wrote,
ruthless compassion

house wish list

From time to time, I think about features I'd like to have in a home. Most of them are extras that I think about for a house I might buy, build, or renovate, rather than apartments, since, hey, I'm really just looking for the basics when I rent. But I thought it would be smart to write it down somewhere. So,

* bathrooms with toilet separate from cleansing facilities
* ceiling fans
* big windows, and lots of them
* gas stove
* lots of counters and shelves in kitchen
* open shelving in kitchen
* double basin kitchen sink
* writeable paint on bathroom walls, maybe other room walls
* skylights
* big porches (front and back) with hammocks and rocking chairs
* quiet floors
* built-in bookshelves
* sauna and cold plunge
* whole-house audio system
* open floor plan -- lots of visibility between kitchen, living room, other living spaces
* eco-friendly -- energy-efficient, well-insulated, green materials
* solar panels
* good, adjustable lighting
* big big bathtub
* glass shower doors
* wood, stone, brick

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