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When I was in Houston, visiting razil and meeting all the other wonderful women down that way, we went to an art festival, where we saw a lot of art, some good, some bad, a lot of it nice, but not my style. One of the photographers, though, who does nature photography, had stuff that really called to me, some of which I would just love to own and put up in my home once I have one.

This is, of course, kinda tricky, since I'm on a somewhat limited budget these days, and spending a couple hundred dollars on art is not part of my money plan. The obvious thing to do, then, is simply wait until I'm more liquid and buy at that time. So what's the problem?

He does his photographs in limited edition runs, so when he's sold out of a piece, that's that. I'm sure a lot of his future photos will appeal to me, too, but... what about the ones I like NOW? So I'm thinking about calling him up and saying, "Hi, I'm a not-very-wealthy appreciator of your work, and I want to buy the following 2 or 3 or 4 pieces on an installment plan." Does anyone know if that's done, or is it tacky? (Note: I may still do it even if it is tacky. He seemed like a nice guy at the art festival, and I'm guessing he'd be friendly about making other arrangements.)

These are (some of) the ones I really like (and am thinking about wanting to own), in order of preference:
Alone, yet not Alone
The Vivid Edges of a World
Alive in the Light of Setting Suns
A Garden for the Soul
In the Language of the Sublime (although, realy, I like a whole slew of his desert ones)

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