ruthless compassion (aroraborealis) wrote,
ruthless compassion

NEFFA, part 3

I think I can officially call this the NEFFA where Rosa got her groove back. It's been way too long since I've done any contra dancing, or much dancing at all (other than that fabulous evening with dbang a couple of weeks back). It definitely took me a while to get back into the swing of things, but today was brilliant. I did some English country dances, some Greek dances, a whole lotta contras, including another medley (Man, I love the medleys. If only they were a little longer -- they're such FUN!)

I come away from this weekend having fulfilled my resolution to stop being the shy flower who waits to be asked to dance (I asked at least three), AND my resolution to try at least one new kind of dance (I tried two: Greek and Balkan), AND my resolution to have a great time (but that was a new brainer). I also did a couple of squares and enjoyed them -- I need more work in squares and I hope to get some pointers along the way from more experienced dancers.

After going dancing, I often come away with the, "Wow, I love that, why don't I do it more often?" sentiment. Now is no exception. So I am hereby resolving to go to at least one contra dance every month for the next year. I know that hawkegirl is in a similar boat. Others who would care to join me are welcome. I'm likely to aim for the Thursday contras in Cambridge, and I'd love to get to Greenfield this summer. And, mrf_arch, how 'bout a Dawn Dance? What about folks who love other kinds of dancing? I'm open for trying new things, too :)

Along these lines, next month while I'm in Guatemala, I'm going to take some salsa and merengue classes. Because a) they're cheap and b) they're good and c) I can!

Finally, a couple of highlights from the weekend:
1 - Running into Tina, a woman I know from Guatemala, mid-dance. I didn't know she was a dancer, and of everyone I met in Guate, she was among the least likely for me to run into, since she's married to a Guatemalan, lives there, and has family not near Boston but near DC. I'll see her next month, too, as we're both headed south again around the same time.
2 - Running into a slew of Williams people.
3 - Had I only known the interest putting "Bostonish" as my "From:" on my nametag would have, I'd've left it blank.
4 - For the first time in my life, I had a stranger adjust my bra strap (unsolicited) during a dance. That was not okay. (Other resolution: stop being so damn polite in such situations.)
5 - Dancing. Mmmm. (But I said that already.)

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