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Because a couple of people have expressed interest/confusion, I submit below an attempt to run-down my userpics.

naughty wosa:
A picture taken by hawkegirl, the name comes from dbang's and jacflash's son, Andy, who saw the picture and asked, "Is that Wosa?" When answered in the affirmative, he asked, "Is that Wosa being naughty?" (The answer, by the way, is no, that is not Wosa being naughty; that is Wosa taking the cornrows out of her hair at the end of the BVI trip a couple of years ago.) This is my default image, and one of the ones I use when none of the others leap out as feeling right.

This image was commissioned for me by penk for solstice a couple of years ago. When I first got it, I thought I would use it for silly meme posts and surveys and such, but, in fact, I haven't used it in ages. As such, it's likely to be get dropped the next time I find an image I want as a userpic, now that I've reached my 15, despite its sentimental value.

I found this cute little owl on a google image search. I use it for my thoughtful and pondery posts. I like that it's a cute owl because it reminds me not to take myself too seriously.

Another google image search. This one I use when I'm feeling prickly, or when the post is about something that makes me feel prickly or otherwise displeased.

Yes, yet another google image search. I use this image when I'm writing about books or movies (or, theoretically, other media wherein I'm the viewer.)

menorah dance:
How 'bout we just assume all the rest came from a google image search unless I say otherwise? I call this one menorah dance because, well, it's a menorah and people dancing. It's also a rainbow, but I haven't used it for posts about queerstuff yet, so I haven't particularly brought that out. I use it when I'm talking about myself and Judaism, or about dancing. In theory, sometime in the future, I may use it to talk about sexual identity politics, too.

Oroboros is the mythical snake biting its own tail, representing the cosmological idea of the sea encircling the world. I like it because circles are my symbol, and because it's a really cute oroboros. I use this for other religiony posts, or for ones where I'm feeling linked to the world somehow, especially with regard to my community.

penk took this picture of me at Baitcon last year, and I like it. Like "naughty wosa", I use it when the mood fits and none of the other images do.

This is a burrowing owl. I've been accused of going into "owl mode" and watching the world from behind that mask from time to time. Kinda like this owl hiding and watching. I use this image when I'm feeling owlish or when I'm feeling mischievous.

I like this one for my wild flights of fancy and strange ponderings.

Pouncing kitten. So cute! Uses should be obvious :)

Since I'm in a phase of reinvention, I thought a phoenix would be a good symbol for posts relating to the ways in which I'm recreating/discovering myself.

Look at the face on that kitten. Can you imagine anything more perfectly content? I can't either. I use this image for those posts when everything feels just right.

raven's wing:
This image and the next one came from this set of images posted by ladytabitha recently. I haven't figured out what I'll use it for.

circular fold:
I don't know what I'll use this one for, either, but I'm using it for this post anyway.

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