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around this time

A year ago (2003), around this time of year, I was spending a lot of time thinking about Guatemala (like now!) and what it would be like to spend 4 months away from "home" for many values of "home".

Two years ago (2002), around this time of year, I had just fractured my scaphoid and was looking forward to several weeks of disability time off from work.

Three years ago (2001), I was celebrating my first anniversary with ghislaine and we were considering a trial separation for the good of the primary.

Four years ago (2000), ghislaine and I had just started dating, and I was beginning to look for a new apartment to get away from the Bad Landlords.

Five years ago (1999), I was trying to figure out whether or not to break up with penk.

Six years ago (1998), I was looking forward to graduating and moving to Boston! Aileen and I had just decided to live together.

Seven years ago (1997), I was figuring out what my summer internship research topic was going to be.

Eight years ago (1996), I was trying to handle gracefully the situation of having invited a friend to spend the summer at my parents' house with me and then signed up for a fellowship that would involve me being on campus all summer.

Nine years ago (1995), I was deciding that Williams wasn't so bad, after all, and that I might stay there all four years.

Ten years ago (1994), I was skipping a lot of fridays and looking forward to graduating from high school.

Eleven years ago (1993), I was deciding that high school was actually kinda fun once you got over the clique issue.

Twelve years ago (1992), I was sick of high school and started an application to Simon's Rock.

Thirteen years ago (1991), I was looking forward to getting a hardship license so I could go to movies without my parents.

Fourteen years ago (1990), I was hating eighth grade with an apathy thick enough to cut with a knife.

Fifteen years ago (1989), I was enjoying seventh grade and trying to decide between a family trip to the Winds or a scholarship-sponsored visit to the Teton Science School.

Sixteen years ago (1988), I was applying for my first sleepaway camp (5 weeks!) for the summer at the Teton Valley Ranch Camp.

Seventeen years ago (1987), I was in my last quarter at Wilson Elementary School.

Eighteen years ago (1986) - twenty seven years ago (1977), I have no strong memories associated with this time of year.

Twenty eight years ago (1976), I was probably just starting to make life really uncomfortable for my mom.

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