ruthless compassion (aroraborealis) wrote,
ruthless compassion

Guate! Guate! Guate!

Well. It's hard to believe that I'm off again! The lead-up to this trip has been so drastically different from the last one (no surprise, as 3 weeks is a far cry from 4 months) and it's kinda snuck up on me from the short-notice planning and not really making nearly as big a deal about it as I could. Surprise, surprise, here I am!

I'm all packed, and I'm bringing far less with me this time, not only because it's a shorter trip but because I have a better idea of what I need. And I'm bringing more in the way of foody comforts -- tea and some snacks -- and better gifts for teachers and my homestay -- homemade soap, of course :)

I'll be online from Xela, once I get there sometime tomorrow. I'll be in Guatemala City tonight at a nice B&B near the airport, and tomorrow I'll catch an early bus to Xela, and, I hope, start classes in the afternoon.

On the one hand, this seems like a hugely low-key trip, and, on the other, it's still a long way, to a foreign land, for a fair chunk of time. All that explains my pre-trip jitters, I hope :)

Someday, I swear, I'll bring people along with me on these trips!

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