ruthless compassion (aroraborealis) wrote,
ruthless compassion

Gosh, I like sleeping in.

One of the major disadvantages to being in the city is that if you go out after a shower, you're almost instantly covered in a thin layer of dust and exhaust.

Next week is my last week studying -- time flies! I'll be spending some time on an alternate form of an informal "you" that they don't usually teach here because of the possibility for misuse on the part of us ignorant gringos, but since I'm thinking about travelling in the next year or so to South America, where it's more commonly used, my teachers think it's worth my working on. Whee, new verb conjugations!

Yesterday I took a trip to San Francisco el Alto, the town with a Friday market day that I attended twice last fall. I didn't buy anything, but I did take pictures, and wow, how I love markets here! Shrimp, dried fish, fruits, vegetables, dried chilis, rice, beans, textiles, sweaters, dogs, cows, sheep, turkeys, and everything in between! At times stinky, always crowded, bustling, and fascinating.

We have't had rain every day since Tuesday, but almost. I'm looking forward to it damping down the dust and clearing the air. When it does rain, it's a downpour. Amazing.

We just had an earthquake! Nothing broke, and we didn't lose power, but people in the internet cafe did stand up and look around nervously.

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