ruthless compassion (aroraborealis) wrote,
ruthless compassion

I love the public transit options here. They're these little busses that zip around the city with a kid hanging out the door yelling where it's going. If you want to go there, you stick your arm out and they stop for you. You pay a quetzal and jam in with everyone else going there or somewhere along the way. It's amazingly easy, convenient, and cheap (but I think the guys who own the minivans make a killing as long as traffic is reasonably good).

Yesterday, I zipped over to Hiperpaís (the big mall -- last seen in the excitement of xmas eve and confused Mayans riding escalators) to check out the movie offerings. I was there just in time to catch Troya, so... I did.

Thoughts: Yet another war movie, and not even a particularly interesting retelling of the story. Lots of eye-candy, certainly, but... it seemed to be trying to be a very serious consideration of the whole immortality-through-legend concept, and for me, it all fell kinda flat on that.

What I came away with: A general reminder that war is incredibly stupid and that in any conflict both sides have good guys and bad guys. I found myself unable to want either side to win in this telling of the story (even knowing who wins, etc.) I wish, though, that wars were still fought hand-to-hand. Bloody and awful, yes, but somehow much more human in scale than the abstractness of bombs, planes, and missiles.

Oh, yeah, and I can't leave out my favorite part: Mmm. Men in skirts!

Today, I'm meeting up with a friend to hang out a bit. I'm hoping to walk up to the cemetary, which I've heard is pretty special.

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