ruthless compassion (aroraborealis) wrote,
ruthless compassion

Nothing special

The rains continue to be fairly strong and steady in the afternoons. Normally, there's a lot of competition amongst students to study in the mornings, but now that afternoons are rainy and less good for errand running and little trips, the opposite is true.

I'm having dinner tonight at the house of Ruth, one of my teacher/friends at the school. And I'll be leaving my homestay on Saturday. Wow!

The current coordinator of the school is going to the US for his sister's wedding in June, and I may stay on and do his job for that time if ticket changing works out, but trying to get in touch with Delta without spending an arm and a leg is being difficult for me. It would be good to do it, both because it would mean a bunch of translating practice and because it would give me an idea if I'd like to do the job on a more long term basis when he leaves it in December.

On the other hand, although the part of me that's freaking out at the concept of being in one place for more than a month is still making itself known, there's another part of me that's starting to pipe up and say, "Hey! It's gonna be FUN to be able to make plans with people and catch up and have a semi-settled life for a few months!" so that's kinda exciting and new :)

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