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I got up way too damn early on Saturday morning to go on the school trip to the mountain school, a branch of the proyecto out in the country. I hadn't been there before, but it was a weekend of celebrating the mountain school's 7th anniversary. There was a football competition which I obviously didn't participate in, since I'm afraid of the ball, which isn't so good for trying to make a goal, but it was great to be out in the country, and what a beautiful setting.

Favorite moments include some impressive goals, one flip, and a cow getting in the way of the ball at one point. Apparently, though, cows, too, are scared of the ball.

We sang songs, danced, and in general, celebrated the day in a nice way. We got back to Xela around 4, and I immediately ran home to shower (ahh, so nice after being in the muggy heat of the low mountains), and then met up with my friend Sarah (from the US) for an hour before venturing out to have dinner with my friend Claudia's sister (Claudia being the friend/teacher who's now in SF). Unfortunately, Lorena was running about an hour late, so instead of going to the reading event I had hoped to catch by one of my favorite editorial cartoonists here, we were having dinner at that time. It was a nice dinner, but I was sorry to miss the event.

At dinner, I made one of my best Spanish oopses in a long time: To carry food away from a restaurant, you ask for it "para llevar". I asked for my food to go as "para llover", which is to say, "to rain". The waitress looked at me for a second and asked, "¿Para llevar?" and I nodded, not realizing what I'd said until she walked away. Very funny. Probably had to do with the fact that I had rain on my mind since it was pouring out, but, still.

Got home around 10 and went right to bed in preparation for Sunday.

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