ruthless compassion (aroraborealis) wrote,
ruthless compassion

moly mackerel!

It's my last day in Xela (for this trip). Crazy how time flies. No matter where I'm going, I seem to have this heavy duty resistance to going there before I'm on the road, but once I'm moving, it's fine. Weird. So I'm currently in the "I don't wanna go!" space.

Lunch is a big birthday affair for my host "sister" and then I catch a bus to Guate in the afternoon, spend the night in the b&b near the airport, and tomorrow, I'm back in the states by midafternoon.

I won't be online again between now and tomorrow evening at the earliest, possibly not until Friday morning. But I'll see at least some of you tomorrow evening! (whoa)

It's a crazy busy day, but, then, travel days always are. It's nice that I have almost the whole day here before hopping on the bus, and nice, too, that the b&b will pick me up, so I don't have to cope with Guate after dark.

¡Hasta luego!

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