ruthless compassion (aroraborealis) wrote,
ruthless compassion

the universe is conspiring

I am not a believer. I don't believe in a god or supreme being(s) or directed energy in the world, beyond the energy of the conscious beings IN the world. I don't believe in fate, astrology, a guiding hand, predestination, or any other concept that means basically the same thing.

I believe that occassionally someone gets lucky, but more often, what looks like luck is the result of hard work that most people don't know about, like the person with the perfect job probably worked a lot to develop the skills that got her that job, and she's worked hard to keep the job interesting and challenging (or however she wants it). Sure, sometimes circumstance doesn't cooperate, but that doesn't mean the universe hates me, it just means that the details aren't what I want them to be.

Today, however, I am having a hard time not feeling that the universe is conspiring in my favor. I have a new home that feels like a fabulous fit, and I was this close to not getting it, but the opportunity clubbed me over the head and here I am. I was recently expressing my desire for my bed to be higher and tonight when the people moving out of the room I'm moving into came to move their bed, they didn't want to deal with getting the boxspring out of the room and asked if I wanted it? Why, yes, thanks! It means I will need to deal with the boxspring when the time comes to replace my current bed situation or move to Peru, but... big deal! Things are going my way!

Ask, and you shall be answered.

So, tomorrow, I think I'll talk a little bit about what I'd like to do for money this year :)

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