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People... people who paint people...

This year's people painting bday party was even more successful than last year's! More people showed up, more people painted themselves and each other, and more people got naked. How can I complain. Even the strangers who showed up weren't painful, for the most part. klingonlandlady did some of the most elaborately artistic work, and there were lots of other fun artsy types there. I got penk to paint me with liquid latex, which was fun. Taking it off wasn't as bad as duct tape, but it's not necessarily something I'd want to do in front of an audience every time. I also got to paint Kim, which was entertaining. It was a big day, what with an early morning to tidy up San and Kai's place in preparation for their return, soapmaking with hawkegirl and klingonlandlady in the morning, and then the party. I slept well last night, but not long, waking up early feeling antsy about the prospect of moving and needing to find another roommate. I hope that once I start packing, I'll feel better. And I have some roommate leads, so with luck, that'll pan out soon. It's a warm night to be back in my apartment after 3 weeks of a/c, but the fan seems to be cooling things off nicely enough that I'll get some sleep. And now that it's August, the end is in sight, so it's a lot more bearable. Back to work full time tomorrow. Time to start buying lotto tickets or something!
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