ruthless compassion (aroraborealis) wrote,
ruthless compassion

I'm pooped!

I moved more than half of my stuff out of Doug's basement and into the new home today. Thanks to dbang and jacflash for the use of their amazingly spacious minivan, and to miss_chance for helping me carry on the unloading end. Unpacking will take a while, as I figure out where things go and how I want them to look, but that's the fun part. As I go, I am also using my newfound sense of freedom from stuff to cut masses of stuff from the herd to sell it off in a yard sale sometime this summer or early fall. It's good!

I'll get the last of my stuff from the basement sometime next week, I think. This means postponing finishing the unpacking (and, in fact, it limits what I can unpack now, since some of my places-to-put-stuff are still in Arlington), but it also means I get to rest tomorrow, which will be good, and play this weekend, which will also be good.

I'm also gathering ideas for themes for my bday party later this summer. If you have ideas, comment them here or email me :)

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