ruthless compassion (aroraborealis) wrote,
ruthless compassion

small stickery whys

I was gifted a very nice, tall drinking glass a year or so ago, and after admiring it, I put it back in its box and didn't see it again until unpacking it the other day. It had a sticker label on it, which I peeled off, and with the sticker came the painted coating on the glass. So now there's a sticker-sized place where the paint is coming off, and will, of course, continue to peel/chip from there. Why, WHY would you put a sticker on something with a coating that's fragile??

It's like when you buy a mirror or a picture frame with a sticker on it that won't come off without some magic anti-glue potion. Why!?

Or stickers on apples that leave their adhesive on the skin when you pull off the sticker. What makes the apple people do that??

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