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earth songs

"The great sea has set me in motion. Set me adrift, and I move as a weed in the river. / The arch of sky and mightiness of storms encompasses me, and I am left trembling with joy." -- Eskimo song

"I part the outthrusting branches and come in beneath the blessed and the blessing trees. Though I am silent, there is singing around me. Though I am dark, there is vision around me. Though I am heavy, there is flight around me." -- Wendell Berry

"Wherever you are is home and the earth is paradise. wherever you set your feet is holy land. You don't live off it like a parasite; you live in it, and it in you, or you don't survive. And that is the only worship of God there is." -- wilfred Pelletier & Ted Poole

"Could it be true we live on earth? On earth forever? Just one brief instant here. Even the finest stones begin to split, even gold is tarnished, even precious bird-plumes shrivel like a cough. Just one brief instant here." -- Nezahualcoyotl

"Just to be is a blessing. Just to live is holy." -- Rabbi Abraham Heschel

"When I rise up, let me rise up joyful like a bird; when I fall, let me fall without regret like a leaf." -- Wendell Berry

"Step out onto the Planet. Draw a circle a hundred feet round. Inside the circle are 300 things nobody understands, and, maybe nobody's ever really seen. How many can you find?" -- Lew Welch

"I'm the mad cosmic. Stones plants mountains Greet me Bee rats Lions and eagles Stars twilights dawns Rivers and jungles all ask me What's new How you doing? And while stars and waves have something to say It's through my mouth they'll say it." -- Vicente Huidobro

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