ruthless compassion (aroraborealis) wrote,
ruthless compassion

July 4!

It's like Cinco de Mayo, but with richer capitalists!

To celebrate, we're going to heat up the grill to searing temperatures and cook delicious things on it! We'd love to have folks join us anytime after 2pm on Sunday -- between parties, before fireworks, or just to hang out with fun people.

From miss_chance's announcement:

It will be a laid-back affair. I will valiantly attempt to resist my usual decent into uber-hostess. In fact, why don't we get this out of the way right now? The cups are in the cabinet over the sink, to the right. Get yourself a drink. Cooler will be on the back porch with the Barby (unless the Som. FD takes it (the grill) away).

We'll provide some food, and some drink, but I will not I repeat, will not spend all day Sat. and Sun. cooking food for this. No. Really. (I am, of course, repeating this in the effort of convincing myself). I will boil some water for corn on the cob, and cut up a watermelon. Maybe make some guacamole. Maybe bake something...

Okay, anyway, what I really want to do on the 4th is hang out with friends, talk, and maybe play some games. IH will bring over Catan, I have a new game I won off the Out of the Box web site, and three chess boards, and a few cheap-ass games. Or maybe no games at all will be played. Whatever. Come by for a while, stay late or go to the fire-works, either way is fine.

I will probably be heading off to the fireworks in the evening, because I'm a sucker for light shows, and company would be welcome.

Hope to see you Sunday!

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