ruthless compassion (aroraborealis) wrote,
ruthless compassion

back in the closet again!

miss_chance and totient did the last bits of the new room this evening while I was playing hooky with dbang. So... aside from some organizing, and the curtains, it's done! Woo! Now, on to the hallway! This excites me because we haven't started so it seems less intimidating and also because I will get to paint things purple!

dbang and I saw The Day After Tomorrow. My microreview: stupid, but fun! Our experience of the onset of the apocalyptic ice-age was enhanced by the super-air-conditioned theater, making for a realistically chilly experience.

I'm totally into apocalyptic images and all that, and the whole big wave and weird cloud thing they had going was pretty cool. But the characters were annoying, and they crowded too many of them in, so it was hard to care about their plights. They didn't make use of the good characters they had, and the dialogue was unimpressive. If I noticed these things, you know it's bad, because I'm really a sit-back-and-let-the-movie-do-its-thing kind of moviegoer. The science was bad, but what does one expect from Hollywood? My only scientific complaint is that it wasn't even internally consistent, which is annoying. All that said, woo: big waves and woo: cold! I'm glad I saw it.

We met some maybe-roommates today and that means some decision-making. I also organized the pantry in a way that makes great sense to me. We'll see if totient and miss_chance are able to find the things they want in the next few days.

So, it's been productive, and tomorrow, we rest. Or, at least, work in a different part of the house for a change!

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