ruthless compassion (aroraborealis) wrote,
ruthless compassion

would it be okay for us to get some sun sometime this month?

I normally dread summer in Boston. I like warmth, but I don't like oppressive heat. What is that, anyway? Oppressive heat? That can't be good. But it's true that when the temperature and the humidity meet up in the 90s, it weighs on you like a soggy, overheated blanket.

This summer has been unusually moderate. I don't think we've yet hit 90, and we certainly haven't yet had a night that was too hot for me to be comfortable sleeping without a/c. This has been lovely for me, but... it's still been pretty humid -- evidenced by the fact that all my cotton belongings feel just slightly damp much of the time.

But now, we've had several cloudy days, some of them downright chilly. And according to wunderground, we have more cloudy weather in our future. It's not like me to say this in summer, but...

How 'bout some more sun?

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