ruthless compassion (aroraborealis) wrote,
ruthless compassion

what IS this place?

I made my first trip ever to Jordan's Furniture in Natick yesterday afternoon with wolfkitn and her sweetie, after herding and hefting some of macthud's stuff into storage in the earlier part of the day. Of course, I've seen the Jordan's commercials. (For you non-Bostonians out there, Jordan's is a local furniture store that makes very funny commercials, usually spoofs off big national commercials running around the same time. It was started by two local guys who sold out to a national company a few years ago, but they still are involved in the day-to-day stuff and making the ads and keeping the "flavor". Every year, they take a day in the spring where they take ALL of their employees to the Caribbean.)

So the store is the size of a small mall, all on its own. They have a booth that sells ice cream and sodas, and there's a Kelly's restaurant, too, which made us some tasty fried scallops when we were tired of laying on beds and comparing them. There's also an imax theater, which, apparently, is free? I'm a little unclear on the details.

But. They've got some furniture. I'm not really in the market for full-price furniture, even from an "underprice" store (what does that mean?), but wolfkitn and sweetie ARE, so... we tried beds, we tried sofas, we tried loveseats, chairs and sectionals. I, personally, thought that the price/quality/quantity ratio was better at Boston Interiors, at least for sofa type things, plus I liked the woman who helped us. I'm also not in the market for beds, certainly not while I'm not working, but... mmmm... new beds! Want!

And now I can say I've been to Jordan's. It's a little surreal, but I could see going back, if only just for kicks.

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