ruthless compassion (aroraborealis) wrote,
ruthless compassion

Finding the Words

God, this is terrible. It's almost like it was written by a high school junior!

But, here, for the masses to appreciate, or not. (Really, feel free to skip it if you like :)

She had never said a word
in her life.
She had never known what it was like to
create a sentence with her voice.
Until one day,
she reached out
with her hand
and grabbed a sentence
as it floated by her.
She took the sentence by its last word
and placed it lightly on her lips.
She sat with her eyes closed,
hoping that if she didn't look,
the sentence wouldn't be shy like all the others
and run away.
She exhaled slowly,
passing the air over the words on her lips.
"I love you."
She sighed with wonder.
Imagine that, all this time, she'd known how to do it,
she was just starting with the wrong words.

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