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Okay, so, my 10 year high school reunion is at the end of this month, and I've decided not to plan my trip home for that time. I'm hoping to head west to visit in September, but there are other things happening here in Boston that are more compelling than the reunion. But, in wondering what all of my old friends are up to, I got to wondering what my searchable web presence is these days, so I did a vanity search on google.

Of course, it came back with the normal hits for my web page for the first couple, and then there were a few unrelated to me, and then some hits due to my inclusion in the author list for several public health papers when I was still working at Harvard... all of those were expected. The first unexpected one was the ninth link, which was this:

Samples of Philosophy of Education (Examples for Teachers)

And the second unexpected one, although after I looked at it, I remember giving permission for the use of my definition of multiculturalism, was here:


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