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Happy Thanksgiving

I *love* Thanksgiving. I've never had a bad Thanksgiving, no matter what I've been doing, whether at home with family and friends, or at the house of friends, or with just one friend eating in Chinatown, or taking it easy by myself.

This year, I'm at my parents' house for the first time since leaving for college. It's nice! In a way, I'm sorry that I'll be missing all the social events that happen around xmas, when I'm normally home, but it's awfully nice to have a pretty low-key vacation, even if I do run into people I know everywhere I go when I leave the house. That's home! And it works out that I'm here for the first two nights of Chanukah, too. I need to find myself a nice menorah, since Mom & Dad, apparently, don't light one anymore, so I'm going home with the great candles I bought for them :)

Family: Despite or because of all my weirdness, they love me for who I am. That's pretty special.

Friends: I have the best friends ever.

Loves: Ditto friends.

Home: I'm living in a really spiffy apartment, which is awfully nice after the last place, which was, well, less so...

Health: My body is strong and healthy. Yay!

Wealth: I'm not rich, but I don't have to pinch pennies for most things. This is a luxury most people in the world don't have. I may not be able to run out and buy a house, but I can buy what I want at the grocery store, and pay my rent, and go to Arisia... In the scheme of things, I'm pretty damn wealthy.

Food: Of course, there is an infinite variety of delicious foods that make life better than it would be if I sustained myself on bread and water. This year, I discovered dim sum (thanks to Melissa and Andy, and hawkegirl) and found that I CAN, in fact, eat lobster (previously thought to be a strong allergen).

New things: Friends' babies! New neighborhood to explore! Discoveries, new people, new loves.

Life is full and wonderful.
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