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Obviously, a person's or couple's choice of birth control can be a private decision. I also tend to think of it as a political thing, for myself, which is why I talk about it publicly. If you feel like I'm oversharing, feel free to skip this:

After much back and forth and worrying and wondering and trying to figure out what the best option for me, I decided on an IUD. Part of my reason for going off the pill is feeling like I'm ready to let my body's hormones be in charge, which eliminated all the hormonal methods out there. And, as you all may remember reading back in June, I didn't feel comfortable using only condoms for contraceptive coverage. I explored the variety of options out there and decided on the IUD because it's extremely effective, typically has fairly minor side-effects (although it also has some associated risks, of course), is cheap, and, once in place, it's one of those I-don't-have-to-think-too-much-about-it kind of things.

So I talked to the folks at Planned Parenthood of MA about it when I went for my annual check-up, and they didn't give me any of the hassle I expected I might get as a young, never-been-pregnant woman who's not monogamous. And yesterday I went in for the procedure.

It was Not Fun, but it could certainly have been worse. I expect that within a couple of days, I'll be back to normal. And assuming it stays in place, I won't really have to worry about birth control for 10 years or so. Huzzah!

The worst part of the whole process, actually, has been the larger relationship blowup, which is still fairly exploded. It's one of those cases where the choice that seems best for the relationship seems to be pretty wrong for me, and so I'm trying to sort out what that means for the short and long term, which is turning out to be pretty challenging for a variety of reasons.

The best thing, other than, "WOO! No babies!" is how awesome Planned Parenthood is, including the fact that they've given me all my care free, because I have no income. When I'm working again, they'll be getting a big check from me. The people were all friendly, discreet, well-informed and very, very helpful. I have some hope that when I'm working again, it'll be with an insurance that will pay for services with PP, so I can keep going there.

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