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I've been a Sarah McLachlan fan for years, ever since I first heard Possession on the radio my senior (?) year of high school while resisting getting out of bed. I don't have all her albums, which is silly, and I should, but I almost always enjoy her music. I haven't been listening to it much recently, but when minemi told me that she was touring this summer, I was excited to think about going.

We finally got our butts in gear to figure out tickets and such, and last night we drove to Providence for the concert. Traffic was abysmal, of course, and the drive down took twice as long as it should have, but we had a great dinner at Fire & Ice, did a quick, unplanned run through the mall, and then got to the concert JUST as the opening act ended. Go, us!

The show was terrific. SM was cute and modest and chatty; she even talked about breast-feeding her 2 yo daughter! She sang all my favorite songs, and some that I don't know because I don't have her most recent album, the sets and lighting were really fabulous, and even our annoying neighbors (talking on a cell phone at a concert?? are you for real?) couldn't stop it from being a fun evening.

And we got out by paying only $2 for parking. That would NEVER happen in Boston!

I love live music. Why is it so different to hear music live? Whatever the reason, I ought to make more of an effort to get to concerts regularly, or at least more often.

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