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Do you have role-models? Who are they, and why? If you don't, do you think you have some other "model" in your life that you use to help yourself think things through or give you a goal to aim for?

My obvious role-models are my parents, whose lives look pretty different from mine, and also look different from their parents' lives; it's good to know, from the outset, that you can do something different and have it still be good.

I think the main driving force in how I live my life, and what my general life-goals are, are very self-formed, stemming out of a childhood where I didn't have much in the way of limitations put on me from an early age. These days, I do like to borrow a page from a book here and there, when someone in my life seems to be exploring an interesting or challenging or otherwise appealing sphere: darthsunshine and wolfkitn, for example. And in watching everyone in my life, I can learn lessons, and think about what things I want and what I don't, that are like and unlike the things about my friends and acquaintances.

I have a constantly shifting image of who and how I want to be, and it's an interesting process to try to tease out the threads to figure out where it all comes from.

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